Adam Lipman

Half Moon Bay’s Adam Lipman is releasing his Prove the Beast LP April 15 on Shrimper Records, his follow up to 2013’s The Western Bounce. At the core of every song on Prove the Beast is Lipman’s intimate vocals that have a distinct shakiness that let’s you know it’s real and turn the emotion up a notch. Lipman’s frequent use of acoustic guitar combined with his vocal style will probably garner a label of “folk” in some circles, but Prove the Beast contains subtle experimentation with electric guitars and drums, (including programmed drums) that take it far beyond the folk genre. Lipman will be performing a host of appropriately intimate shows around the Bay area in support of Beast, beginning April 11 at the Sylvan Annex in San Francisco. “Cool Breeze”, the first single from the album, is below.

Adam Lipman tour

Adam Lipman, John Thill, Shaggy Sample
The Sylvan Annex
April 11, 2014
7:30pm, Admission TBA

Adam Lipman, Shaggy Sample, Joseph Childress, Brit Benjamin
The Hell (Berkeley)
April 19, 2014
Time and Admission TBA