As much as I prefer to celebrate and promote the Bay Area music scene here on The Bay Bridged, today I have some bad news to report. I do so only because I think it’s important that we as a community take note when things like this happen in our city—and that we then take action.

Last Friday, Austin band Boyfrndz came to town to play Bottom of the Hill with locals Pale Blue Dot, Religious Girls, and Face Tat (full disclosure: Face Tat is my band). But in the early hours of Friday morning, Boyfrndz’s tour van, trailer, and all of their gear were stolen while parked on a San Francisco street, and the BotH show had to be canceled. Boyfrndz posted an appeal for donations—as well as a pic of their van and trailer and a full list of the gear that was stolen—on their website,

So how can you help? Boyfrndz were touring in support of their sophomore album, Breeder, a killer prog rock record. Go buy a copy and tell your friends about it too. Or just go to and make a donation—donate $5 or more and they’ll email you a free download of the album anyway. Then share their Facebook status and keep an eye out, their gear will surface somewhere at some point.

So why should you help? Because San Francisco is a world-class destination for bands to come play, and we should act like it. We welcome bands foreign and domestic, large and small to our city every single day, and we want them to know that when they’re here, they’ve got the full support of our scene comprised of countless bands, fans, promoters, bookers, bloggers, and others. We want them to go home and talk about what a great place San Francisco is to play and how strong the music community is here—not that they got ripped off and had to cancel the rest of their tour.

So if you don’t do it for Boyfrndz, which you should, do it for our scene.

Boyfrndz van

Boyfrndz van, cargo trailer, & all our gear were stolen in San Francisco this morning sometime between 1 and 7am PST.. It was parked at 1501 Grove st. We’ll be accepting any donations at the “donate” buttons above and below to help us recover some of our great loss so we can keep moving.. Anyone who donates $5 or more will be sent a complimentary download of our new album via email. Thank you so so much in advance. We’ll do our best to recover and make it to as many upcoming tour dates as possible..

Gear Stolen:
Emperor 6×12 speaker cabinet (wood finish)
Vox AC100cph guitar head
SKB pedal board including: MXR Graphic EQ, Boss DD3, Korg Pitch Black tuner, Line 6 DL-4, Boss PS-5, MXR Carbon Copy Delay, & Digitech vocal efx processor.
GK RB800 bass head
Ampeg 8×10 cabinet
Boss pedal case including: Big Muff, Digitech Synth, Eden DI, Korg Pitch Black, MOOR pitch shifter.
Boss pedal case including: Boss tuner, Boss DV3, Boss Dist., Ibanez ts-9, Boss Blues Driver, Electro Harmonix Holy Stain.
Fender Blues Deluxe combo amp
Epiphone ES-339 (sunburst)
Epiphone SG (Red)
Gibson SG (black)
Fibes (70′s era) Copper wrapped fiberglass drum kit
Paiste 24″ 2002
Iron Cobra Pedal
2 Zildjan 21″ sweet rides
AAX stage hats 14″
Zildjan rock hats
Ludwig Epic Centurion 14″ snare
Various stands, lights, cables
2 boxes t-shirts
Tons of EP, Natures, Breeder Vinyl.

Van & Trailer info:
99′ Ford E-150 (silver)
Van VIN:
Plate: CT8 K942

2007 Route 66 Cargo trailer 8×10′
Trailer VIN:
Plate: 90ZXBX

Any news or information regarding the van, gear, or trailer please contact us at
Or the SFPD at (415) 553-0123
Police Report SFPD:


Scott, Jesse, Aaron, Joey