The Jim Jones Revue

Telling fans of The Jim Jones Revue that their upcoming single is preposterously catchy would be like telling a scientist the earth will continue to revolve around the sun. Many things in life are uncertain, but you can always count on the Revue to produce some unabashedly simple, blistering boogie rock n’ roll. You could label them a nostalgia act, but I doubt the band would care and, in fact, they would probably revel in the title. These guys are holy rollers in the Church of Rock, fervently worshiping the founding saints–St. Berry, St. Holly, St. Richard the Little–and spreading the gospel to future generations of listeners.

“Collision Boogie,” to be released April 8th, is an instant party starter, an ode to master of the New Orleans boogie Professor Longhair, and three of the funnest minutes this band has ever produced. If their live show is half as entertaining as the accompanying video, you really won’t want to miss their SF tour stop at the Chapel.

Collision Boogie

Jim Jones Revue, The Criminals, FUKM
The Chapel
April 24, 2014
9pm, $16-18, all ages