Summer Peaks

Let’s be honest, most bands formed by high school friends are pretty bad. And although Summer Peaks of Brentwood (the NorCal one) was formed at their high school, they have released some damn fine indie pop on their debut LP Saturdays.

Each member of Summer Peaks writes songs on their own before bringing them to the band, where they typically sing lead for the songs they write. The result is more diversity than you often hear from young indie pop bands. Tracks such with the dark guitar riff and cool harmonies of “Still House” somehow flow nicely into the synth-pop “Maxine“, while all nine tracks retain a cohesive dreamy tone that would pair well with a long drive down a lonely highway.

In addition to Saturday, (which you can listen to below), Summer Peaks has plans to release two EP’s this summer while gigging around town as often as they can.