quinn deveaux

Download: Artist Spotlight: Quinn DeVeaux (Podcast #332)

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This month’s Artist Spotlight — our podcast series featuring live-in-the-studio performances and interviews with emerging Bay Area performers — showcases Quinn DeVeaux. Over the past few years, Oakland-based DeVeaux and his band the Blue Beat Review have earned a reputation as terrific live performers. In December, Quinn made a substantial addition to his recorded body of work with the release of not one, but two new albums: Originals, recorded with the full band, and Late Night Drive, a more intimate collection of songs inspired by a long drive through the desert.

In this episode, we chat with Quinn about the differences between the albums as well as how he first came to music, and he performs two songs live in the studio. It’s a great conversation and performance from this stellar artist.

Finally, you can catch Quinn DeVeaux performing at Ashkenaz on April 10, and he’s currently plotting a summer tour.