Spencer Owen
Photo: Allison Dietze

We told you about Spencer Owen’s plans for his Blue Circle LP a few months back, and now he’s back with the album in shiny new vinyl. Owen is releasing the album himself, and he tells me he chose vinyl for both the “tactile enjoyment” and durability of records, and the simple fact that vinyl sells just as well as CD’s in his circles these days. The album, which you can stream below, is an incredibly fun collection of 10 pop songs, with just a bit of African influence. Read more on the album in our interview with Owen from last year. Owen is having a release show with his band The Timeshare Sunday night at the Night Light in Oakland, with support from Pittsburgh’s Van Allen Belt and Oakland’s Wiener Kids.

Spencer Owen Timeshare, Van Allen Belt, Wiener Kids
Night Light
March 30, 2014
9:30pm, $7