Rachel Angel

Rachel Angel & The Revelations are an Oakland band fronted by none other than (you guessed it) Rachel Angel herself. Angel, a Miami native and student at Mills, shines with a crystal clear voice that just booms. Her latest EP, Revelations, contains fairly straight-forward rock and roll songs with perhaps a hint of country in spots, but Angel tells me her next album should take a different path. “It is a lot more experimental, is going to be a bit more jammy and improvisational, and deals with more broken song structures,” explains Angel. As long as Rachel’s still belting out her vocals, I’ll be listening no matter the style. You can catch Rachel Angel & The Revelations Saturday night at the Stork Club, and listen to their Revelations EP below.

Consolidated Electric, Reverie, Fantasia, Freak Tank, Rachel Angel & The Revelations
Stork Club
March 22, 2014
9pm, Price TBA