Photo by Ryan Russell

Photo by Ryan Russell

Waxahatchee is the deeply personal, one-woman alt-rock project of Katie Crutchfield, formerly half of P.S. Eliot. Her first album, American Weekend, was much applauded and quickly embraced. Followed by an equally successful sophomore album, Cerulean Salt, Waxahatchee has been on a musical steamroll, performing at major festivals and touring steadily.

Crutfield’s heartbreakingly beautiful lyrics, combined with her raspy vocals, make for a musical act that feels as if you’ve been given the sacred opportunity to glimpse into her own personal world.

Luckily for us, Waxahatchee has announced a set of Bay Area dates for next month. Joining Hop Along and Title Fight, Waxahatchee will be performing at the Oakland Metro on April 15.

The following day finds Waxahatchee performing a second, free show at UC Berkeley’s Upper Sproul Plaza. It’s being put on by ASUC SUBURB, the student-run non-profit that is exceptional at hosting events for the very affordable price of nothing.

Get excited for the tour with Katie and Allison Crutchfield’s less known cover of Grimes’ Oblivion:

Title Fight, Waxahatchee, Hop Along
Oakland Metro
April 15, 2014

UC Berkeley’s Sproul Plaza
April 16, 2014
5pm, Free, all ages