San Francisco’s Doncat took my favorite approach to crowdfunding this year to fund pressing of his vinyl LP, Don Gato. He decided he was making an album no matter what, and if enough of you paid for it, he’d give you vinyl. No begging, no awkward video explaining his creative process – he just released songs you could buy. The good news is that the strategy was a success, and about 120 folks are now lucky owners of Doncat crooning through their speakers on some sweet coke-bottle transparent vinyl. For the rest of you, there’s still about 20 copies left that I’m sure he’ll sell you Saturday night at Bottom of the Hill if you’re interested. He’ll be joined by fellow local talents Split Screens and Scary Little Friends, both of whom we have told you about before. Here’s a video of him eating a hamburger in the name of promotion, followed by a couple songs from Gato.

Doncat, Split Screens, Scary Little Friends
Bottom of the Hill
March 22, 2014
9:30pm, $10 (21+)