Miniature Tigers

If there is such a thing as the sound of youth, Miniature Tigers comes awfully close to capturing that collective nostalgia full of warm summer evenings, listless afternoons spent in hyper-chlorinated swimming pools and chasing that ever-elusive ice cream truck down your suburban block.  Maybe you’ve never experienced any of that, but that’s not the point. The point is Miniature Tigers makes you feel like you did.

Debuting back in 2008 with the hook-laden, self-deprecating and brilliantly catchy Tell It To The Volcano, the band has emerged with a more polished indie pop sound — thanks in no small part, I’m sure, to producer Chris Zane whose past work has included The Walkmen and Passion Pit — on the upcoming LP Cruel Runnings, to be released May 27.  Check out the aptly titled single “Swimming Pool Blues” to get a taste of this sonic treat and come out to the Rickshaw Stop later this month for the full course meal.

Miniature Tigers, Total Slacker, Flashlights
Rickshaw Stop
March 30, 2014
8pm, $12-15, all ages