Generation Loss

I know, I know – how could an act as quality as and with the pedigree of Generation Loss go virtually unnoticed here on The Bay Bridged, with nothing more than a brief mention at the bottom of a gig review to show for their efforts, despite releasing a stellar debut album? It’s a question I’ve asked myself at least a hundred times since I cracked open a long-untouched package from Wizard Mountain and newly born local label Cut-Rate Records a week ago to find the band’s debut self-titled cassette.

Generation Loss – with a lineup including Kyle Crawford of Wizard Mountain and Hannah Lew – released that debut album in February via Cut-Rate. It was produced by Charles Moothart (guitarist for the one and only FUZZ, and longtime collaborator with Ty Segall), is limited to 500 physical copies, and is brimming with abrasive but melodic punk rock from start to finish, with Lew and Crawford exchanging vocals throughout. The lo-fi mix, which pulls the furiously played guitars to the forefront, somewhat masks the singers’ prowess, but that’s to be expected with this bunch. In just a week’s time, the tape has entered my nascent yet ever-expanding “Best of 2014” list. Listen to Generation Loss in its entirety below, and pick up a copy of the cassette via Cut-Rate’s Bandcamp page.