Odd Owl

Odd Owl has just released their debut five-track EP, The Call, following a number of single releases.

The album is poppy, eclectic, and energetic in style. Carmen Caruso, lead vocals and front-woman, has a powerful and utterly transfixing voice, while the remaining band members create a sound that is fun, melodic, intrinsic and diverse, developed from an array of genres – from pop to indie.

Each song is full of discord, off-beat drumming techniques, and an overall cacophony of sounds that blends together into a cheery ballad. In “New Americans”, Caruso is powerful but graceful in her vocals, bringing an energy to the song that is eminent but also moving with the overall soothing nature of the song. The track also pulls from a wide variety of instruments to create an infused sound that is worldly, progressive, and lively. Along with that track, “Radioheart,” is another track off of the album that truly accentuates the eclectic nature of the band – from the horn accompaniment to the Thao Nguyen-like vocal stylings of Caruso and the mix of guitar licks and a fast-paced rhythm section. Odd Owl is wholly fun and entertaining, while still maintaining some good and well-composed music.

Along with the release, they’ll be playing a show to celebrate along with other bands.

Echo and Maw, Odd Owl, Katie Day
El Rio
March 15, 2014
9pm, $5 (21+)