Blank RangeBlank Range

Russell: I LOVE when a song forces you to stop whatever you’re doing and just listen when you hear it for the first time. Such was the case when I was folding laundry the other night and heard “Last Crash Landing” from Nashville’s Blank Range. I love everything about it – the huge drums that almost sound sampled, the muddy guitar, the organ, the vocals – everything. I’m adding Blank Range to the growing list of Nashville acts I need to see when they’re in town, and you probably should, too.

Anna: I have a playlist on Rdio entitled “Nostalgia,” and it’s full of what you’d expect – songs that I’ve loved since back in the day, that more often than not have stood the test of time, and that continue to bring back fond memories. When Aesop Rock‘s “None Shall Pass” came up, I remembered that my feelings of nostalgia for this song are two-fold. First, I purchased the album just before learning that Aesop Rock lives in the same area as me, and I started to understand what it meant to delve deeper into one’s local music scene. And second, as we continue our plans for Phono del Sol 2014 (stay tuned for details!), this song now also serves as a reminder of our very first Phono del Sol back in 2011, when I was both starstruck at Aesop Rock’s presence at our very own event, and in awe of how fun and successful the festival turned out to be.

Jason: As we told you back in October, White Fence was the first band to be featured in Castle Face‘s Live in San Francisco series. Well, a few Saturdays ago at B.A.R.F. (that’s Bay Area Record Label Fair, in case you weren’t aware), I was finally able to pick up a copy of the album on (clear) vinyl with a lenticular cover direct from the label, and I’ve rarely missed a day without dropping the needle on this gem ever since. The raw energy of the set transports me to Amnesia – one of the more intimate and unique venues in SF – where this frenetic live set was recorded direct to tape on a Tascam 388 by Jon Dwyer and friends, and I can easily picture Tim Presley and his mates turning the place in a hot, sweaty mess for one unforgettable night. Watch the official video of set opener “Swagger Vets And Double Moon”