Vegetable and the Ferret

San Francisco MCs White Mic & Z-Man took a trip to the farm to shoot the video for their new track “Preachin & Plantin”, a bonus song for the vinyl release of their Vegetable and the Ferret LP. The track concerns raising awareness about serious modern agricultural issues, but when these two get together in the country wearing overalls, you can’t help but have a little fun. Shouts out to the squirrels. The Vegetable & The Ferret LP was pressed on some sweet green vinyl, which you can pick up at Amoeba Records in SF or Berkeley, or online at Access Hip Hop, and Z-Man will be performing in Santa Rosa with First Light of the Hieroglyphics Crew.

First Light, Amp Live, Z-Man, Pure Powers
Chrome Lotus (Santa Rosa)
March 28, 2014
9pm, $15-20