Last year, we told you about Oliver Nickell, aka Tree, who was a student at SF State when he was discovered by R&S Records on SoundCloud. Since then, his budget for artistic productions has increased, and he’s spent a much of his time working on a short film set to his track “Stuck Down the Wrong Rabbit Hole”. The film was written, produced, and co-directed by Nickell, who says the video is just the start of his lofty plans. “I don’t see much of a difference between any of the roles I played,” he says. “Whether we are talking about the creation process of the music or putting together the short film, all the different roles I have been experimenting with are merely a testament of what it means to be a modern story teller living in 2014.” Now just 20 years old, it looks like Tree is off to a nice start. Watch the film below.