Luke Sweeney cassingle

Don’t let the fact that “cassingle” is a horrible word that never should have happened stop you from buying Luke Sweeney‘s new, er, cassingle for the track “Miss Me”. It’s out now via Sea Green Records and Tape Cult, and you can get yourself a copy right here. Only 50 were made, so act fast!

You can listen to “Miss Me” and b-side “Tie Mao To Mined” below if you’d like to sample the wares first:

So much more than just a song, “Miss Me” is also the name of a series of failed audition tapes Sweeney has been releasing on YouTube. Like this one, in which he tries out for Warm Soda, but brings a ukelele to a knife fight:

“Miss Me” is the first single from Sweeney’s forthcoming album Adventure:Us, so stay tuned.