Void Boys

San Francisco’s Void Boys are releasing a very limited-edition 10-inch single on Pretty Penny Records Friday night at a show at Vacation in San Francisco. There are only 100 copies available, and each cover is a completely unique work of art created by members of band.

Pretty Penny was created by Moses Montalvo, who started the label to release a single from his band Woodsboro on vinyl. He found a sympathetic manufacturer who would produce only 100 copies, but they had to be run as test pressings – without cover or label art. Moses, being the resourceful man he is, reached out to artist friends to create unique covers for each record. By applying a similar concept to Void Boys’ release, Pretty Penny and Void Boys have capitalized on their low volume to create incredibly cool collectors items. Oh yeah, the music is pretty nice, too:

Watercolor Paintings, Void Boys, Jet Trash
March 14, 2014
9pm, FREE