Kyle M. Terrizzi

“I feel like I’m coming out of another transitional period,” said Kyle M. Terrizzi, “I stepped out of a vehicle while being under the name The Plastic Arts and with The Academy Clonez. I’ve learned a lot and I’ve met a lot of people, but I have all these interests, so I wanted to create this space where I can place all of my creative content and also create a space where the community and people can support me.”

When I first met Kyle, we sat down at his home in Berkeley. A guy of humble stature and a faint smile, he, until recently, played music under the moniker The Plastic Arts. Within the last couple of months, Terrizzi has gone under a number of transitional periods similar to the one he was going through when I first met him. Except, instead of being in the middle of it like before, he’s heading into a completely new one. Rather than being in a stage of overcoming depression, he’s been able to head towards recovery – which is reflected immensely in the new music on Dear Patron.

In addition to his name change, he’s also ventured into a new way of displaying his new music and creative pursuits with his website, Dear Patron.

The idea is as follows: Dear Patron focuses as an aggregate for all of Terrizzi’s creative work, from music to writing, that is openly accessible and free to those who are looking for it. For the time being, Terrizzi won’t be releasing an album or an EP to market or to publicize, but rather periodically posting songs and other content on the website on a rolling basis as he creates them.

“It’s just focused on the things I want to do like creating and working,” said Terrizzi, “however, despite all the work I do, I go into it knowing that this stuff can be ignored and glanced over.”

The songs on the Dear Patron record call for a full band sound, as was mentioned by Terrizzi during our conversation. But the style hasn’t changed. It’s still a number of love-ballad acoustic songs that are dreamy, captivating, and transfixing. It’s the kind of sound that commences huge heart palpitations (whether they are caused from love or heartbreak is not explicitly mentioned). Terrizzi’s voice is calm, but urgent, a balance that is absolutely refreshing to hear, and each song is a story in its own.

“Emotionally it feels I’m moving towards a light a bit, but all of the songs on Dear Patron were recorded with a pick, the tempos are more upbeat, there’s tons of falsetto – I’m finding new things to do,” said Terrizzi about Dear Patron.

Along with newer songs such as “Backbone,” and “Can I Come Home?”, Terrizzi has also re-recorded songs from his previous album, The Academy Clonez, including “I Want You (To Be Mine)” and “Gone Without A Trace.”
Terrizzi has found a way to do what he loves to do, and distribute it accordingly. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters to him.

“I just enjoy doing the work at this point,” said Kyle, “it just makes me more happy.”