Mike Sempert - "Good Morning Young Artist"

We have both good news and bad news. Good news: Mike Sempert (of Birds & Batteries, whom we know very well) is releasing a whole set of solo songs, in the form of Mid Dream.

Bad news: Sempert no longer calls the Bay home, and now lives in Los Angeles (Mid Dream essentially came together just before the relocation process). And currently, his only upcoming live show is also in Los Angeles.

Regardless of location, we can still check out Sempert’s new music, as “Good Morning Young Artist” premiered on FILTER a few days ago. Mid Dream is officially out on May 6th via Velvet Blue Music. While Birds & Batteries have traditionally created a straightforward blend of electro-pop, Sempert’s solo work is much more down-home, a twangy and lush blend of mellow songwriting. Check out the tune on FILTER and/or Soundcloud.