Oakland’s Baus was originally formed by SoCal natives Thomas Jackson and Mike Morales, who also is a member of Sacramento’s G. Green. Lacking a bass player, they added Sierra Wendt, who also provides some great screams.

“We think that our music embodies the street and sound of Oakland and we’re proud to represent it when we’re out of town,” says Wendt. Although they have obvious punk and garage influences, Wendt tells me they draw inspiration from all over the place, including R&B, noise, funk, and no wave. The end result doesn’t fall neatly into any genre, unless you consider “loud and a little freaky” to be a genre.

The trio recorded their self-released debut LP, Idol Minds, which you’ll be able to purchase the cassette at their show at the Night Light in Oakland Wednesday night. Get a taste of Idol Minds below, followed by the show details.

CCR Headcleaner, Marriage + Cancer, Stillsuit, Baus
The Night Light
March 12, 2014
9pm, $5 (21+)