According to their Facebook profile, MKC hails from the planet Zyrconia with various members rising, Phoenix-like, from the ashes of an ancient Zyrconian philosopher named Zardarniphan. More likely than that, they’re just a bunch of Fresno kids making an awfully catchy racket. Their name stands for “Mimi Kama Chama”, which is Swahili for “I like to party” – a fact that could have been surmised from the music itself, a cross-breed of ska, boogie-rock and reggae. It’s unabashedly danceable, full of enough melodic hooks and rhythmic flourishes to get even the most reluctant arms-folded-firmly-across-the-chest audience member grooving.

The band is currently in the process of finishing up their debut LP, with its deliciously cheeky title Does Your Mama Chama?, and you can catch them live in Fresno at the date listed below. San Francisco shows are already being planned for the summer, most likely in late July and August, so check back on their website for all the latest updates.

B. Freeman, MKC, Valley of Ashes, Pilot Touhill
The Babylon Club (Fresno)
April 19, 2014
9pm, $5 (21+)