NanosauR, 'Bottled Promises'

NanosauR‘s Bottled Promises pops open with a sampling from the movie Beautiful Girls, a 1996 star-studded rom-com. Written out it might sound hokey, (maybe not to closet Dawson’s Creek fans) but it’s a crystalline set-up for the imminent chillwave.  Dark atmospheric beats hypnotize you until you’re not sure if you’re pixelated like in the old school Mac game NanosauR is named after, a time-traveling dinosaur egg collecting third person shooter.

NanosauR is the moniker for Bay Area producer Michael Solorzano, who – only in his mid-twenties – already has built a prolific list of musical collaborators. He’s opened for XXYYXX, Gold Panda, and produced “I Got Bitches” for Lil B.

Opening track “Stuck” focuses on the “bottled promise of a beautiful woman,” on beauty transcending reality, but as the EP continues this idea doesn’t merely rest on physical beauty. Whatever Solorzano is creatively working through is otherworldly and haunting ’til long after the headphones are put down.

Check out NanosauR’s latest release, Bottled Promises, below.