Christopher Owens

Christopher Owens just dropped a sonic bomb in the form of “It Comes Back to You”. A cut from his upcoming album, the song is a stunning balance of his familiar Girls material–complete with understated psych guitar and a gospel-powered backup vocalist who drives it home–and the tasteful urban folk of his first solo effort. The tune drips with Christopher’s distinctive songwriting style, lyrically packaging an age-old idea of love into a fresh, accessible four-and-a-half-minute bundle. It is a seasoned offering that demonstrates how far he has come as an artist while also serving as a reminder of why he is still such a beloved figure of independent rock.

While he executed a solitary vision for 2013’s Lysandre, reveling in his newfound freedom and indulging in all of his solo desires, Christopher created his upcoming sophomore effort with a group of artists he calls his “dear friends.” No word on who else was involved in the recording process, but the album is set to be released sometime this Spring.