After building up anticipation, Echo and Maw will be finally releasing their first full-length album, Evergreen, on March 15th.

The album is filled with uplifting melodies, nurtured with an addictive sense of simplicity. The opening track, “Redwoods on Mars,” is filled with synthesizers, and showcases a congruent partnership between the production work of Elysha Rom-Povolo and the vocal stylings of Mary Hansell. Throughout the album, Hansell’s vocals are soothing to listen to, while still maintaining some form of poppy edge. Elysha’s synths and other instrumentation create the melodies that help to keep the fun-loving sound of Echo and Maw.

“Follow It Down,” another track off of the album, slows down the duo’s usual style, revealing an ability to take their poppy attributes and turn them into a catchy ballad of sorts. “We’re On The Run,” a Bonnie and Clyde-esque love song, uses classic piano to create a stripped-down, California summer song.

Take a listen to the album below. As part of the release, Echo and Maw will be having their album release show in mid-March to celebrate.

Echo and Maw, Katie Day, Odd Owl
El Rio
March 15, 2014
9PM, $5