Painted Palms

If you read this site even only once in a while, chances are you’ve already heard the benevolent, sun-bronzed psych-pop duo Painted Palms. They are, after all, San Franciscans (via Louisiana), and they’re making an appearance Friday for Noise Pop supporting Cold Cave.

Slim’s sat down Chris Prudhomme for “Sleepwalking” and “Angels”, a couple acoustic versions of tracks from the new album Forever, and a soft cover of Brian Eno’s “Everything Merges with the Night” in anticipation of tonight’s show (and you know, also just because he’s awesome). Check back for future installments of their brand new Closed Doors Concert Series via Slim’s site.

Here’s Prudhomme’s installment in the Closed Doors Concert Series, and details on Painted Palms’ Noise Pop appearance at Slim’s are below.

Cold Cave, Painted Palms, Dirty Ghosts, Happy Fangs
February 28, 2014
8pm, $16