Never Young

If DIY punk is a phrase that still puts a grin on your face, you’ll be just as excited as I am about the newest recording project of duo Nikolas Soelter (No Tongue) and Calculator bandmate, Christopher Adams: Never Young. Their debut Master Copy is set to be released on local label Father/Daughter Records this April, and will be available both digitally and on cassette. Moreover, the songs were recorded in what has been dubbed the “Secret Bathroom,” which sounds legitimately DIY to me.

Master Copy is seven songs of emotionally-charged, throwback melodic punk with some noise-esque tendencies slipped in. Amongst the four currently streamable songs on Bandcamp, “Repeating” is the standout track; it cracks open with power beats and some sassy vocals, as Soelter experiments with both a sludgy, hardcore opening bass line that regenerates into something fuzzy and almost danceable. Looking forward to seeing the live execution of these tracks, for sure.

Never Young will be playing Saturday with Yi, Sexless, Easy Living and Bee Keepers in Oakland, and then again on Monday in West Oakland with a fantastic touring punk band from Pittsburg, Run Forever, as well the local Wild Moth and Acid Fast. If you’re down to head in the exact opposite direction, they’ll be playing an Outer Sunset gallery space in mid-March with a grip of bands (more info here).