San Francisco boy-girl duo CATHEDRALS just released “Harlem”,  the second single after their “Unbound” debut’s play count skyrocketed on SoundCloud nearly overnight. Though we still only have teasers of who CATHEDRALS will become, these two are not new to creating music or collaborating in a band. Johnny Hwin used to tour with Blackbird Blackbird, and Brodie Jenkins crafted her haunting vocals in Ghost & Gale’s Americana outfit. “Harlem” begins by steadily building Jenkin’s powerful yet composed voice until she seamlessly blends with Hwin’s electro-pop beats. Be sure to wait for the midway point though, because there’s a guitar explosion alongside Jenkin’s crooning “ooohs.”

No tour dates in sight yet, but considering “Harlem” just hit #1 on Hype Machine’s No Remix List, I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more from CATHEDRALS before the end of the year. Listen to the track below.