<A 75th Birthday Tribute to John Fahey at the Chapel

John Fahey is an iconoclast in American Music––breaking the boundaries with his primitive and minimalist approach to sound, he was revolutionary in his fingerstyle guitar picking. His music is transcendental, and a listening with a Fahey album evokes feelings of blues nostalgia.

February 28th would have been Fahey’s 75th birthday, and in honor of his musical achievements, the Chapel will be hosting a tribute night on March 5.

Featuring an array of local and non-local artists, this Fahey experience is curated by Twin Trilogy‘s Sean Smith.

Performing artists include Smith, Danny Paul Grody, Adam Snider, Andrew Weathers, Chuck Johnson, Dibson Hoffweiler, Henry Kaiser, and Richard Osborn. All the night’s performers have carried or expanded upon Fahey’s legacy––whether it be by inspiration or covers, each artists has been moved by the work of Fahey in some way or another.

The night will feature artist-original Fahey-esque compositions and John Fahey scores. If you’re unfamiliar with the work of John Fahey, we highly recommend this little number:

A 75th Birthday Tribute to John Fahey
The Chapel
March 5, 2014
9 pm, $12 (all ages)