Majical Cloudz

After releasing one of the best albums of 2013, Montreal duo Majical Cloudz returns with its second post-album single, “Love Soul”. The song is paired with a black-and-white, interactive music video directed by Mitch Moore with cinematographer Bobby Shore and producer Alexandre Auray. Songwriter/vocalist Devon Welsh explained that “Love Soul” was written during the same period as several songs from last year’s Impersonator, but was left off the album. The track features Welsh’s distinctive vocals on top of a simple, yet infectious synth loop from producer Matt Otto.

“It was the only song I kept from a time when I was living in Northern California. I remember writing it at a cabin in the woods a few hours east of the Bay. I played it for the friends I was with and I think everyone, myself included, couldn’t really understand what it was. A dissonant loop and repetitive vocals.” – Devon Welsh

Majical Cloudz returns to San Francisco this Friday for Scene Unseen III at 1015 Folsom, presented by Noise Pop Fest. The free club show also features live appearances by Kelela, Mr. Carmack, Purple (WeDidIt), and Supreme Cuts, not to mention DJ sets from nearly every local crew. Do415 has the full details on the gig. It’s also free with RSVP, so it will likely hit capacity pretty early.

Majical Cloudz, Mr. Carmack, Kelela, Purple, Supreme Cuts
1015 Folsom
February 28, 2014
9pm, Free with RSVP (21+)