Back in October, we posted a teaser of a forthcoming documentary short from Nic Buron about the band Makeunder. Today, we’re proud to premiere the full video.

In 2012, Oakland’s Hamilton Ulmer found himself in Texas cleaning his childhood home. As a way to cope with family loss, Ulmer did they only thing he could think to do: make music. He crafted five songs in five nights. Each song told a deep and personal story, but the stories did not belong to Ulmer. They belonged to his recently departed grandfather.

These songs become the EP Radiate, Satellite, and he dubbed the project Makeunder. Since then, Makeunder has become a full-fledged band with a rotating cast of players. Though the songs were created and recorded by only one person, they are so richly composed that it sometimes takes up to nine people on stage to play them.

In the video below, Bay Bridged contributor Nic Buron provides an in-depth look at what 2013 was like for Makeunder and what we can expect from the band in 2014.