Sun Kil Moon

By my count, San Francisco’s Mark Kozelek released seven(!) albums in 2013. Granted, four of them were live recordings, but that’s still an insanely busy year. I guess it’s only fitting that just two months into 2014, he’s released a Sun Kil Moon LP, Benji, his first under the Sun Kil Moon moniker since 2012’s Among the Leaves. Benji once again showcases Kozelek’s ability to take seemingly mundane details about everyday life and create scenes that are vivid, tragic, and heartbreaking. Perhaps the best example of Kozelek’s style is “Ben’s My Friend”, which takes you through Kozelek’s weekend in the Bay Area – including a crabcake lunch at Perry’s and a Postal Service concert at the Greek while revealing so much about himself along the way. It also has a sweet sax solo.

Mark Kozelek will play a Noise Pop show at the Great American Music Hall on Saturday night. Details are below “Ben’s my Friend”.

An Evening with Mark Kozelek
Great American Music Hall
March 1, 2014
8pm, $25 (6+)