WATERS is done with restlessness. Founder Van Pierszalowski began WATERS after traversing to Norway, Alaska, and Brooklyn before settling back in California, in our foggy little city.

However, don’t mistake their anchor in the Bay for idleness—WATERS has a new album on the way and a brand new single, called “Got to My Head”. It starts with the plucky mindings of the pop cuts you loved years back, and sprawls out into unmitigated verve, hopefully previewing the type of lively pull we can expect from the new release.

Want to hear them live? Lucky you—they’re rounding out their residency at Brick & Mortar, and you can get info and grab tickets to the next one (which also happens to be a Noise Pop show!) right after you listen to “Got to My Head”, below.

WATERS, The Tambo Rays, James Supercave
Brick and Mortar
February 24, 2014
9pm, $6 (18+)