Our Brother the Native - terra traipse

Oakland-based experimental pop ensemble Our Brother the Native have released a new album on Shred Forever, a local tape label run by Nick of Religious Girls. The Terra Traipse cassette is the label’s fourth release. An official video for the single “Unrequited” is around the corner, but for now you may stream the album below.

According to their Bandcamp page, where you can purchase the album, Our Brother the Native have had a steady increase in membership since their first release in 2006. The band’s current lineup includes: Josh Bertram (vocals, guitar, production/composition),  Benjamin Spencer (bass, acoustic guitar, percussion), Sean Hall (drums), Ian Fulcher (trumpet, euphonium, trombone), Amanda Haswell (vocals), Jean Bertram (vocals), Drew Pearson (vocals), Daniel Goldblum (bassoon), Alex Wand (vocals, flute), and Samuel Johnson (pipe rgan).

While relatively brief in length, the sprawling compositions on the album invoke a spirit of controlled chaos and fever dream wonderment, with all its fluttering woodwinds and tinkering percussion. Although Terra Traipse was recorded in Pontiac, Michigan, it was mixed by Andrew Oswald at Secret Bathroom and mastered by Geoff Saba at Ex’pression Studio, both in Oakland. Our Brother the Native’s Terra Traipse is available on a limited edition run of 100 rhodamine red, hand-numbered cassettes from Shred Forever.