Mas Ysa

Photo by Noah Kalina

Mas Ysa, the emphatic breathiness emerging from the depths of synth opulence, released new EP Worth earlier this month via Downtown Records. The project of Brooklynite and Kent Avenue (R.I.P. 285) frequenter Thomas Arsenault, Mas Ysa is hitting the road for a few select dates this month, including one in San Francisco this Friday.

Working with the likes of Delorean, Deerhunter, and Purity Ring, Mas Ysa has become quite adept at developing his own evocative synth crasis. He moves seemlessly between structured symphonic expositions and bouts of prismatic spirals—it’s calculated but emotional, especially on Worth‘s first single “Shame”, below.

Headliner Lawrence Rothman is haunting in his own right. His warpy baritone extinguishes sanguine synth uprisings for a glazed, smoldering take on ’80s tropics and warm R&B. With an upcoming release due out March 24 (Fatal Attraction on Mamaroma! Records), Rothman’s set will twist and distort classic genres—in the best way.

Lawrence Rothman, Mas Ysa, DJ Cool Greg
Rickshaw Stop
February 21, 2014
9pm, $10-12