Field Medic

It’s Valentine’s Day, and what better way to express your love for your significant than with music? Here are some creations from a wide variety of Bay Area artists to help you make the most romantic day of the year perfect.

Is anything more romantic than an acoustic guitar serenade? Well, maybe. Still, Field Medic, the solo project of Kevin Sullivan of Rin Tin Tiger has released a damn fine Valentine’s EP of acoustic love songs that you can check out here for the first time. From the opening line of “I wanna spend my days off on opiates, and inside of you,” Sullivan lets you know he isn’t a typical romantic with a guitar. Kevin is currently recording a Field Medic LP at Primitive Ear Studios in Richmond, but for now you can listen or download his a book worth reading EP below.

Do you love vintage? Do you love hip-hop? Do you love ‘love’? I hope so, because Eric Steuer of Meanest Man Contest and Not the 1’s put together a delicious mix of classic hip-hop love songs that you can purchase on cassette from Hit City USA and blast from a boombox on your shoulder during a romantic walk in the park. Or stream it below. Look for Eric on a new Not the 1’s LP later this year.

OK, so this technically isn’t a love song, but it’s new, it’s good, and what kind of SF Valentine’s Day would be complete without a little psych rock? A Million Billion Dying Suns premiered “Secret Tree” on Brooklyn Vegan this week. The track may present the only possible opportunity for spooning with your special someone amidst the copious amounts of shredding at the AMBDS shows at the Knockout and Bender’s later this month.

Finally, I KNOW some of you like your love to be just plain nasty. For you, we’re lucky to have Antwon, who does nasty better than anyone. Cozy up with that special someone to Antwon’s track “Ecstasy” that he dropped in advance of his European tour that starts at the end of the month. And man oh man, can we get an album of Antwon singing love songs? Dude’s got some pipes – someone make it happen.