In anticipation of their upcoming full-length, Black DreamDangermaker recently released their video for their single, “Wake Up.”

The music video is a dark panning shot of the band performing the song on stage, with lead singer Adam Burnett cloaked in all black (plus a striped tie). The song is an indie rock ballad, featuring synths, some early 00’s drum and bass rhythm, and melodic guitars. Burnett’s vocals are high and electric, and come to a screeching halt when breaking into the chorus, “Wake up / Wake up / I think I’m ready / I think I’m ready / To wake up.” The four-minute track is heavy, powerful, and metastasizing.

Sea Dramas, Dangermaker, Sweetwater Black,  Margaret The King
The Milk Bar
February 22, 2014
8pm, $5 (21+)