Woolen Men

Portland’s the Woolen Men may be the epitome of punk, D.I.Y. sensibility. With a discography that is mainly dominated by self-released tapes and records –– most notable being the collection of infamous limited tour tapes that accompanied them on the road –– it’s safe to say that the Woolen Men have that certain punk je ne se qua that sticks with you.

Serious basement, lo-fi punk with the D.I.Y. moral to match – vocalist Lawton Browning stated early last year that the “Woolies make music to please ourselves first. 4-track recordings, tape hiss, and instrument error aren’t an aesthetic or marketing strategy for us, they are what we grew up using to create.” It’s safe to say that the trio are the kind of guys who make music strictly out of the love for music.

Their latest seven-inch release, Quick Trips is out on Loglady Records and features the single “Real FX.” Continuing with that lo-fi ethos, the track features jangly guitars and that subtle signature tape hiss.

The Woolen Men tour the West Coast this month, and play a free show with San Francisco’s Void Boys on February 13 at VACATION SF.

Void Boys, who released their self-titled EP last year on Hair Growth Records, embodies an ambivalent and dreamy sound that makes for great bedroom rock. Both should make for a good pairing.