Royal Teeth

Louisiana pop sextet Royal Teeth will make its third San Francisco stop within a 12-month stretch Thursday, when it headlines at the Chapel. Still touring in support of 2013’s Technicolor debut album, Glow, harmonizing vocalists Nora Patterson and Gary Larsen (also a guitarist), bassist Joshua Wells, drummer Josh Hefner, keyboardist Andrew Poe and guitarist Stevie Billeaud, have had a rush of a first year in national touring.

In September, the band – so-named because someone volunteered the moniker “Royalty,” and the others misheard the suggestion – won a music competition to play at the Boston Calling music festival during a stretch of time off. The opportunity was similar to the band’s first break, when a contest win gave them a stage at South by Southwest two years ago.

Royal Teeth have no immediate plans to slow down, either, and will continue to tour until they’ve written enough material to go back into the studio, Patterson told The Bay Bridged a few weeks ago.

The Bay Bridged: You told MTV that if you could be reincarnated as any person, it would be Janis Joplin. How did you become a fan? Your seraphic voice is so different from her rough, throaty delivery.

Nora Patterson: My dad listened to her a lot. I heard her music through him and became a fan. She’s such a soulful and gritty singer. And I’m not really that way. I wish I could be, you know? She’s kind of a free spirit. It’s really inspiring for me to see someone … that way.

The sincerity of her delivery is something you can relate to?

Oh yeah, definitely. Her gritty delivery and free spirit is an inspiration.

I hear you’ve been performing Bowie’s and Queen’s “Under Pressure.” Besides this being an official request, how’d you settle on playing that cover at your shows?

We have actually played that a few times. It’s one of our favorite covers to do. We did a show last night at a club in New Orleans, and it was a Bowie-themed throwback. It’s not necessarily considered a David Bowie song. It’s more Queen, but … it went over really well. People really love that song, so we play it whenever we can.

Whose music are you looking forward to the most in 2014?

This year, the Young the Giant album. I think it just came out. Let’s see, who else this year? … I’m still listening to records that came out last year!

What’s your goal for the band for after this tour and this year? Have you begun thinking about writing new material yet?

We are already writing new stuff. We’re just going to keep writing until we have enough material to go into the studio and hopefully make a new album.

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Royal Teeth, Chappo, Blondfire
The Chapel
February 13, 2014
8pm, $13/15