El Terrible is a new project fronted by Terry Ashkinos of Fake Your Own Death. El Terrible began when Ashkinos was in Berlin studying the fall of communism in Eastern Europe. “While I was there, I had written 5 songs in a tiny little apartment above a bar called White Trash Tattoo,” Ashkinos told me. “I was excited to come back to SF and record them right away while they were fresh.” Members of Fake Your Own Death were busy at the time, so he teamed up with Rob Easson (of Rogue Wave) to record the EP at Easson’s home studio. Ashkinos’ booming, sometimes droning voice leads the way to create outstanding dark moments throughout El Terrible’s EP, which we’re excited to share with you for the first time below.

Portland’s Breakup Records is releasing El Terrible’s EP on cassette at the Hemlock Friday night. Ashkinos, who believes “the audience is there to see you sweat” at his shows, will not be sweating it out for you all night long. Show details are below.

Venus Beltran, El Terrible, I Am Animal
Hemlock Tavern
February 7, 2014
9pm, $6