The Midnight Snackers

Following up two previous EPs, garage rock band The Midnight Snackers have come out with their first full-length release, Foul Weather Friends. The album is fun, melodic, and a nice break-away from the traditionally niche garage/psych rock. While the band uses elements from those genres, they take the product into several absolutely different territories. There are psychedelic-sounding synths, ska-sounding horn sections, all capped with a rock n’ roll sound.

Foul Weather Friends by The Midnight Snackers

“Communication,” the first track off of the record, starts off with a distorted, choppy bass riff, containing an Iggy Pop reminiscent sound, while “GFGF” delivers hard party that’s fun and worthy of singing along. However, then songs like “Help Me, Bloodhound” come on, and a two-minute intro throws you off on what to expect from the band. It eventually becomes more familiar, and it’s apparent that this band has found haven within not being defined, or more direct. Genres that don’t usually fit are made to blend into one another, and somehow The Midnight Snackers make it work.