Giraffage Remixes The-Dream (art: Yvette Young)

San Francisco producer Giraffage (a.k.a. Charlie Yin) has always been known to chop up smooth R&B samples on his homegrown beats, but today he’s taken that skill to the next level. Giraffage Remixes The-Dream premiered earlier today over on The Fader as a bootleg tribute to 2007’s Love Hate, which Giraffage refers to as “one of the most underrated albums of the 2000’s.” Stream the remix album below, or grab a free download from the cloud.

Giraffage cranked out the free remix album while while working on new tracks for his upcoming original release in the studio (and probably eating pizza). The cover art, which is clearly awesome as hell, was done by Yvette Young. Giraffage encourages fans to share these “dreamy” bootlegs as he perfects his forthcoming solo bangers. He will embark on a European tour this spring.