Hibbity Dibbity

Blues rock is making a comeback, and it’s jazzy, funky, and full of soul. Hibbity Dibbity, a former two-piece-acoustic-set-turned-full-band, just released their debut self-titled album. Hibbity Dibbity is electric and dance-worthy, while also serene and calming – a throwback to 60’s-70’s rock n’ roll with a modern twist. Heavy, head-bobbing bass accompanies each song, but is followed by some blues keyboard. Vocal wailing accommodates the wailing electric-guitar riffs. Meanwhile, a time machine portal brings us back to flared jeans and long hair.


“Van Wonder,” the third track of the album, contains blaring wah-wah effects, and some classic blues riffs that start fast and upbeat, but then decompose as the chorus liquifies into a serenade of “The more I know it’s over/More time spent with you/What can I do/But tell you honestly/You’re not for me,” before fading back in to the addicting bass riff. It’s completely opposite emotions are figurative of the shift from frustration to depression. “Anger Brew,” one of the latter tracks, is fast, heavy, and Zeppelin-reminiscent. Throughout each song, the vocals are smooth and easy to listen too, the melodies are colorful, and the rhythm section is tight, but intense. The genre as a whole might be lacking a bit, but Hibbity Dibbity more than compensates for that.

In celebration of their new release, Hibbity Dibbity will also be playing an album release show tonight, January 30, at the Boom Boom Room.

Hibbity Dibbity, Big Baby Guru, WAG
Boom Boom Room
January 30, 2014
9:30pm, $5, 21+