The Thermals

The Thermal’s Hutch Harrison encompasses one of those signature, distinguishable vocals that’s impossible to miss. Not the most surprising observation, considering that the Thermals have been doing their thing since early 2002–– veterans of indie rock, they’ve been working and consistently producing work for over a decade now.

Continuing to not skip a beat, the band has announced a handful of West Coast tour dates, including a stop at The Chapel on February 20th.

Joining them will be Los Angeles-based Colleen Green, who’s lo-fi pop tracks are sugar coated with her signature sweet vocals and tinkering drum machine. The pairing should make for an interesting show––The Thermals, known for their lo-fi growling guitars and fast-paced tracks––is radically different compared to Colleen Green’s Ramones-esque pop gems.

Technically, both groups can be classified as lo-fi, but rather than relying on distorted vocals and grainy guitars, Green presents us with a collection of work that can only be classified as lo-fi through its gritty recordings.

It’s going to be like having your dessert before dinner: the show at The Chapel will begin with Colleen Green’s simple pop sweetness and end with the Thermals hard hitting pop punk sound.

Be sure to check out the first track “Born to Kill” off the Thermal’s Desperate Ground:

The Thermals, Colleen Green
The Chapel
February 20, 2014
9 pm, $15-$17 (all ages)