Jessy Lanza at Amnesia, 1/25/14

On Saturday night, Jessy Lanza sold out Amnesia as the headliner of the Pro Fans 015 Showcase. For $10 on WillCall, showgoers caught San Francisco staple Running in the Fog, Oakland’s Shock, and Lanza.

Shock, made up of Dan Judd of Sorcerer/Windsurf, Terri Loewenthal of Rubies, and Brian Tester, is an electronic pop project specializing in synthy tropic hooks and airy vocal overlays. The statuesque Loewenthal floated over dubby sways as visual support live filmed her profile to create a distorted, white noise backdrop on the screen behind them. Their sound is heavily layered—at one point, Loewenthal even requested the audience shake keys over the interlude to add a novel texture — and the music’s themes are equally weighty. Shock’s music pivots around themes of deep connections, and the extended “Pure Love” (played just towards the very end) defined their set.

Jessy Lanza at Amnesia, 1/25/14

Headliner Jessy Lanza, who recently released Pull My Hair Back in September, pitted herself in front of a burgundy curtain and faint light. Lanza looks the epitome of sultry—thick hair, dramatic eyes, and a patterned coverup — but her voice is something sweet and ethereal.

The Canadian is, as the stereotype goes, exceedingly polite, and when her sound went out before playing the fierce “Kathy Lee”, she profusely apologized. “Kathy Lee”, a single from Pull My Hair Back, is a pillar of her music’s R&B and electronic roots, and her echoing lines over rolling beats draw attention to Lanza’s natural abilities. Her voice is supported by the compressed, synthetic elements of her music — not defined by it.

By the time Lanza reached “Against a Wall”, Lanza had settled into the music’s circular momentum. “Against a Wall and “As If”, both of which have heavy, swiveling basslines, were a fitting tone for the red brume (Shock had used fog machines during their set) and Lanza ended her set as she began: a sensuously human manipulation of dense, maxed-out electronic structures.