With the celebration of comebacks from seminal 90s shoegaze bands like Mazzy Star and My Bloody Valentine recently, it’s no less exciting to welcome a new local band to the genre: Dissolve.

Dissolve seems to be living on the outskirts of pop, as opposed to the dreary heartache their songs would convey by moving at any slower of a pace. Even with just “Statement” and “Where We Are” available online, it’s clear that the project is on to something sweet. Properly crafted shoegaze with swirling, reverb-thick guitars are evenly blended with a warm, creamy vocal contribution from singer Inna Kurikova. Kurikova and guitarist Blaine Patrick recorded the songs with Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden Recording Studio (Deafheaven, Loma Prieta, Wild Moth) and plan to release the single as a 7″. Release details are TBD.

If these songs leave you craving more, be sure to peruse the Painter Man Records catalog to find the Modern Charms LP, a project consisting of both Patrick and Kurikova as well as Mark Palm (Devotion, Supercrush, Black Breath).

Dissolve will play their first show tomorrow at The Knockout, as part of a Shine On Presents bill with Soft Science (Sacramento), Silver Shadows and UFOFBI from Sweden.

1/25/14 - Shine On flyer

Soft Science, Silver Shadows, Dissolve, UFOFBI
The Knockout
January 25, 2014
9:00pm, cover TBD