octopus literary salon

You haven’t heard about The New Tenants yet; you will soon. Formerly known as The Opulent, Mandy & Yoshi are morphing into a fantastic new project. They play this Saturday at The Octopus Literary Salon in Oakland.

Crosby Morgan just successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign to make her debut album blessed memory. Sister to John Morgan of the John Brothers Piano Company, Crosby also frequently pops up at BART stations and lucky living rooms. A voice this great will not sing at BART stations for long. See her now!

This salon will include storytelling (from Ruth Halpern and Cassie Cushing), a magician (Christian Cagigal), and as always Tecates & Tacos.

What’s that? You’ve not been to The Octopus?! Check out their new YouTube channel to see what yer missing!! More info and discounted tickets are available here!