Photo credit: Krescent Carasso

Forlove is the solo project of Animal Friend singer/keyboardist Jasper Speicher. Although Animal Friend is definitely influenced by electronic music, Speicher takes those elements even further with Forlove. Extended synth dance rhythms dominate. “It’s recorded music, so it relates more to house, dub, electro-accoustic, etc.,” explains Speicher.

Speicher has performed Forlove music live, with plans for more show in the works. Rather than stand behind a computer for an entire show, he does what he can to keep it interesting, including playing controlling a synth with a lightbulb. How do you control a synth with a lightbulb, I asked? “Plug a light sensor into the control-voltage input and modulate for days.” I don’t know about you, but he has me intrigued. Listen to Holding Open, Forlove’s most recent release, below.