Mexico Theater

Efforts are underway to get the Mexico Theater, a vacant theater on the corner of Santa Clara and 25th Street in San Jose, up and running again.

Opened as The Mayfair in 1949, The Mexico has long been counted among the Bay Area’s lost theater gems, and historic preservationists have often lamented its being left to rot. Just this week, a formal campaign began to restore The Mexico and reopen it as a community arts space. Organizers envision it as primarily an all-ages venue for music, film, and other live entertainment, with the possibility of a cafe and/or coffeehouse on the nearly 8,000 square foot property.

According to organizers, they’ve already got the support of the property’s owner and select city leaders – all they need now is the scratch, which they’re hoping to collect over the course of the next few months. So if you’re looking to encourage the arts in San Jose (or if you just dig colorful midcentury architecture and would love to see that majestic spire restored to its former glory) head to their crowdfunding page and pony up.