Bad Bad

Everyone knows garage rock is “over”, but what about “TURKISH SURF PUNK MARIACHIS”? That somewhat audacious description was my introduction to San Francisco’s bAd bAd. Incredibly, about one minute into their track “Problem Now” I thought to myself, “Holy Shit, I think they nailed it!” Although I admittedly know nothing about Turkish music, the rhythm and percussion at least sound like what I imagine should come from Turkey. The relentless acoustic guitars reminded me of some of the Everly Brothers’ work bringing to light a link between music from Tennessee and music from Mexico that I hadn’t conciously realized existed. On top of it all, singer Christian Zamora adds high-energy vocals to all 4 tracks currently available on bAd bAd’s Bandcamp page. Whatever you want to call it, the formula doesn’t just work, it kicks ass. bAd bAd is set to release an LP-length cassette later this year and will be performing at the Hemlock January 16. Listen to “Problem Now” and “Leonel” below.

Bad Bad, Talk of Shamans, Banshee Boardwalk
Hemlock Tavern
January 16, 2014
8:30pm, $6