rich girls

Following the release of their debut album The One I Want this past November, Rich Girls, the solo project of former The Blacks front-woman Luisa Black, will be playing their first show at the Make-Out Room on January 16.

The new act, which takes some musical elements from Black’s former work, offers a poppy summer-daze feel with a subtle garage rock sound. The track “Sink Like Stones” (video below) features Black’s reverbed vocal abilities, a head-bobbing rhythm section, and an anthemic sound that could compliment any road trip playlist beautifully. The end result: a band that’s pop-centric and melodic yet contagiously rhythmic.

It’s early for the band as a whole – they’re playing their first public show and just released their first album – but there’s a lot to look forward to from them if Black’s songwriting and composing talents keep offering results this catchy.

Rich Girls
Make-Out Room
January 16, 2014
8pm, $5, 21+